ARTAS links HIV-positive individuals—those who have recently been diagnosed with HIV or who are HIV-positive and have not received care in the last six months—to the resources and medical care they need. ARTAS stands for “Anti-Retroviral Treatment and Access to Services” and is a component of the High Impact Prevention project overseen by WellFlorida Council.

Have you recently been diagnosed with HIV?

Are you HIV-positive and have not received medical care in the last 6 months?

If so, contact your local ARTAS linkage coordinator at 352-415-0464 or fill out the Contact Us form and a linkage coordinator will get in touch with you.

Through ARTAS, clients partner with linkage coordinators who help them identify and use personal strengths, and create and execute a plan to access the care they need. In addition, ARTAS linkage coordinators assist clients in connecting to community resources and medical care.

WellFlorida Council, Inc., 1785 NW 80th Blvd., Gainesville, FL 32606

Ph: 352-415-0464
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