Job title: HIV Prevention and Linkage Coordinator (Non-Exempt) – Community Initiatives High Impact Prevention (HIV)
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This is a full-time staff position, 40 hours a week. The HIV Prevention Associate serves as a HIV testing coordinator and serves patients by preparing specimens for laboratory testing; performing screening procedures for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. This position will also include data entry and clerical functions. This position will also include providing one on one linkage to care services provided to newly diagnosed or HIV positive persons who have fallen out of care. The HIV Prevention Associate is also responsible for Business Responds to AIDS coordination to engage and support the private sector in promoting HIV education, awareness, and policies in the workplace. The program promotes the involvement of business in HIV prevention; and provides tools and technical assistance to build the expertise and capacity to engage business and labor for HIV prevention. All participating businesses (unless they request otherwise) will encourage safer sex by offering free condoms to patrons. This is a grant funded position and is subject to availability of funds.

• Ability to work with considerable independence.
• Verifies patient by reading patient identification.
• Obtains blood/oral fluid specimens by performing venipuncture, finger sticks, and oral swab testing.
• Maintains specimen integrity by using aseptic technique, following department procedures; observing isolation procedures.
• Tracks collected specimens by initialing, dating, and noting times of collection; maintaining daily tallies of collections performed.
• Identifies and engages local business to participate in Business Response to AIDS program
• High level of professional conduct.
• Training and experience in HIV testing, counseling, and HIV data.
• Training and experience in linkage to care resources and coordination.
• Delivers condoms to local business and night clubs. Will involve limited travel within 16 county area. Hours are flexible, but will include work after 5:00PM, weekend hours and late nights. Driving at night is required.
• Clean driving record and reliable transportation.
• Enters data and performs clerical duties including data audits, file management, and general office skills. Computer experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point required.

• Present safer sex outreach/prevention education and risk reduction Maintains quality results by following department procedures and testing schedule; recording results in the quality-control log; identifying and reporting needed changes.
• Maintains safe, secure, and healthy work environment by following standards and procedures; complying with legal regulations activities.
• Keeps current with pertinent laws and regulations regarding HIV testing and counseling as well as professional principles and practices in the fields of health care and health data analysis.
• Present HIV Data and analysis of program results on monthly basis.
• Routinely delivers free condoms for distribution.
• Coordinates with outreach workers and business to conduct HIV outreach in areas of high need.
• Follow all HIPAA compliance and regulations in accordance to local, state, and national regulations.
• Works closely with Department of Health and Ryan White Eligibility services staff to coordinate linkage to care and medical case management
• Stay current on local resources in each county for HIV+ individuals (including PrEP, housing assistance, support groups, etc.)
• May perform other tasks and duties as directed by the Chief Operations Officer, Director of Community Initiatives or the Senior Planner.

Bachelor’s degree in Public Health or related field is preferred. High School Diploma or GED required. Two years of related work experience preferred or equivalent combination of education and experience considered. Knowledge of community and familiarity with HIV prevention programs required. HIV 501 Certification a plus. Must retain HIV 501 Certification within 60 days of hire.

$32,000 – 40,000/yr plus benefits at 40 hour work week. Night and weekend hours required. Driving at night is required.

Job Title: Senior Planner
Department: Community Initiatives
Salary: $47,000 plus benefits
Location: Gainesville, FL
Posting Closes: Closes 5:00 pm on Friday, February 24
Submit Resume: hr@wellflorida.org

The Senior Planner is a highly responsible professional, technical and administrative position which promotes, organizes and conducts community health and health system research, planning, development and outreach projects for WellFlorida. In addition, the Senior Planner is assigned to coordinate the Rural Health Partnership of North Central Florida (rural health provider and system sustainability) and the North Central Florida Health Care Coalition (emergency preparedness partnership development and training) on behalf of WellFlorida. Coordination activities include all aspects of technical and administrative support to these organizations and their members. This position is also responsible for building rapport and credibility of the Community Initiatives Department within WellFlorida’s 16-county service area and with state partners.

• Plans and organizes, with the Chief Executive Officer and/or the Director of Community Initiatives, the Community Initiatives project development activities of the Council.
• Develops new project opportunities under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer and/or the Director of Community Initiatives.
• Coordinates, as designated by the Chief Executive Officer or the Director of Community Initiatives, work flow of other technical or administrative staff on assigned projects.
• Coordinates all functions and activities, by providing comprehensive technical and administrative support, of the Rural Health Partnership of North Central Florida and the North Central Florida Health Care Coalition.
• Initiates, performs and/or supervises the processes and preparation of community health assessment and community health improvement activities and reports.
• Initiates, performs and/or supervises the preparation of other research, planning, development and outreach studies, reports and other documents, and reviews these materials prior to distribution.
• Advises other organizations and the public regarding the Council’s research, planning, development and outreach capabilities and activities.
• Work closely with numerous public/private and paid/volunteer Boards of Directors, advisory groups, steering committees and other similar entities.
• Advises other organizations and the public regarding ongoing and emerging health policy issues.
• Keeps abreast of pertinent laws and regulations regarding community health and health systems as well as professional principals and practices in the fields of public health, health services research and management and health policy analysis.
• Trains and advises other Council staff regarding WellFlorida’s community health and health systems research, planning, development and outreach capabilities and activities.
• Assists the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Community Initiatives with developing outreach and business strategies for the Department of Community Initiatives.

Graduation form an accredited college or university with a Master’s degree (with thesis or equivalent research effort) in Public Health, Health Sciences Education, Health Services Research or a related field and a minimum of three (3) years of experience in public or private health planning, research, management or policy development or any other equivalent combination of training and/or experience.

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